Precast Shapes

Premier Refractory Service Provider

R&I is the leading manufacturer of precast shapes in the United States. All shapes are fired to 750F and are held to R&I’s high standards of quality. No shape is too large or too complicated. 

Precast shapes have revolutionized the refractory industry and R&I is leading the way. R&I’s shapes have eliminated long lead times for brick, slow cure out time for castable and the safety risks associated with installing in house. 

R&I provides all services necessary for custom precast shapes: engineering, take-offs, heat flows, shell temps, freeze planes, and mold design.
If you want to improve your refractory life and labor costs with R&I’s precast shapes, please contact R&I today.


I have used R&I’s construction crew for large shutdowns as well as emergency patch jobs. They are professional, safety conscience, and efficient. They are my first call when I need refractory work done.