Precast Shapes

Premier Refractory Service Provider

R&I is the leading manufacturer of precast shapes in the United States. All shapes are fired to 750F and are held to R&I’s high standards of quality. No shape is too large or too complicated. 

Precast shapes have revolutionized the refractory industry and R&I is leading the way. R&I’s shapes have eliminated long lead times for brick, slow cure out time for castable and the safety risks associated with installing in house. 

R&I provides all services necessary for custom precast shapes: engineering, take-offs, heat flows, shell temps, freeze planes, and mold design.
If you want to improve your refractory life and labor costs with R&I’s precast shapes, please contact R&I today.


R&I’s precast delta and annular combination has taken us from 50 heats per roof to over 400 heats per roof. We have saved money on refractory and labor and we no longer have to stock a truckload of bricks. We will never go back to bricking our roofs.